Counter Home Made Menu 

Counter Breakfast £10

Bacon, toulouse sausage, smoky baked beans, roasted portabello mushrooms,
two eggs, e5 sourdough bread, potatoes

Counter Vegetarian Deluxe £10

Grilled halloumi, avocado, smoked baked beans, roasted portobello mushrooms,
two eggs, e5 sourdough bread, potatoes

Scrambled Eggs, cherry tomatoes, basil £6.50

Turkish Eggs, toast and garlic yoghurt £7.50

Eggs Benedict: Ham £9 / Salmon or Bacon £9.50

Homemade Muesli with seasonal fruit and greek yoghurt £6

Homemade Pie served with side salad £6

Bacon sandwich + relish £5.5 / with egg or avocado £6.5 /  both £7

Bagel with salmon and cream cheese £5

French Toast with fried banana, berries and toasted almonds £8

Smoked mackerel, baby potatoes, poached egg, preserved lemon, horseradish cream £8

Soup of the day £6

Salad of the day £6.50


We believe in two simple words. Home Made. “If the Counter could lay eggs, it would…” is the driving vision behind our love for homemade breakfast. Being independent and family-driven allows us to do this properly.

Our pies to cakes to juices and (almost world famous!) Counter Relish are carefully made in our kitchen. Enjoy!